Our Services

Our services are aimed at designing the process and architectural resolution to advance human health and wellbeing. We consider operational synergies, cultural diversity and connections to our immediate and larger environment, that collectively help leaders and occupants thrive within their places of work, play and learning. Our goal is to synthesize organizational values, mission and operational requirements to create an authentic experience. The outcome is to uncover and enhance everyday rituals, formal and informal, to more effectively support our clients’ vision and mandate.


Multi-Stakeholder/ Community Engagement Facilitation

Community Building Design

Workplace Strategy

Space Planning + Test Fits

Community + Site Planning

Architectural Interiors


Integrated Design Process

Environmentally Sustainable Approach

Socially Sustainable Approach

Equity Analysis

WELL Building Design Principles

Our Process

More than 90% of our time is spent indoors. And so, the interior environment has a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. Through our process, we reshape how organizations can think of their space to address health and wellbeing of their employees, improved motivation, employee satisfaction and creative output. We work with mission driven clients to develop a design that speaks to their core values and vision. Our process entails an in-depth analysis to provide a clear template for an authentic design outcome that aligns with your organizations core values and mandate.

But first, our specifically tailored process needs to uncover and synthesis your vision and mission, operational processes, recruitment and workforce goals and social and environmental aspirations of your organization.

Within the analysis, the work area, organizational goals and values, stakeholder and/ or end user requirements are carefully measured against technical aspects of building systems, budget and schedule.While a beautiful design is inherent in our overall process, performance of the space that meets or exceeds the project goals is our measure of success.

In addition to emphasizing sound analyses and diagnostics of the project needs, the implementation process of our work is driven by decades of a collaborative approach and utilization of best practices to inform the design decisions made. We provide current recommendations so that decisions are not made in a vacuum of budget and schedule but with a holistic approach to maximizing the overall value to the project’s intended outcomes with the goal of designing in a good way.

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